Lindjee Noziere, 2014 Kids’ Dreams Scholar

lindjee at Dec 2015 B&C holiday party - website versionLindjee Noziere has been a Kids’ Dreams scholar since 2014, attending her freshman year at Florida Atlantic University. Lindjee moved from Haiti to the United States when she was 15 and developed rapidly in High School classes for non-native speakers. Lindjee is now pursuing her dream at FAU to become a physician.

I lived in my native country, Haiti for 15 years, and then the inevitable happened. I lost my mother due to horrible circumstances; I lost her through an earthquake that took place in Haiti in 2010. It was then I truly convinced myself that the medical field would be the right career path for me. … Therefore, I decided to pursue that dream of becoming a physician. I want to be able to comfort, and help people in need. I am confident that I will be the best physician that I can be. I want to help others, and make sure that I satisfy as much people that I am able to not to be praised but just because I am an altruistic individual. ten years from now I see myself as one of the most proficient physicians in Florida; this dream of mine is extremely close to my heart simple because I know what it feels like to be hopeless and wish that someone anyone would be there. Hence, going into a physician’s assistant program at a University is extremely important to me because my future depends on it. I have the motivation to achieve my goals, and all I need is a chance to prove myself as well as the funds to do so. Thus, this scholarship is imperative to me because it will provide me with the facility to accomplish my dream. I am confident in my statement because I am dedicated to my dream, and determined to succeed.” -Lindjee Noziere