Maria Barrientos, 2015 Kids’ Dreams Scholar

Maria Barrientos is a 2015 Kids’ Dreams Scholar who now attends Florida State University. She has since finished her first semester with a 3.58 overall GPA. Maria is currently majoring in Criminology and plans to later achieve a law degree.

I am a first generation. This year I will be the first to graduate high school in my family, as well as the first to pursue a college career. My parents are originally from Mexico, where their education does not exceed a middle school level. I am my family’s translator, speaker, and the one they all go to when they need help. I do not mind, for I know that is a privilege and obligation. I am the oldest of four children and that comes with many responsibilities especially when my parents are unable to complete certain tasks. For instance, helping my siblings with their homework. My parents know little to no English so it is up to me to do everything that involves English in the house. Since I was very young I was imposed upon the task to be my families translator and whatever else they needed.” -Maria Barrientos