Merancia Noelsaint, 2009 Kids’ Dreams Scholar

MeranciaMerancia was awarded the very first Kids’ Dreams scholarship. She was mentored by Pat DiSalvo, a Kids’ Dreams board member. She has since graduated from the University of Florida and is now attending law school!
“My parents have always taught me a lesson about opportunities, they are rare. If not taken when encountered, the possibilities are quickly taken away. Those who take full advantage of the opportunities set before them, witness the blessings it endures. My opportunity came from the Kids Dreams Foundation. Sitting in a room with complete strangers questioning me about family and financial instability, I did not want to share anything at first. But surprisingly, despite my skepticism, I felt at ease in their presence. As if they were my family. Already accepted into the University of Florida, I quickly learned that despite the accomplishment of getting accepted, there were other expenses that needed to be paid for. Moving away from home and not having the financial funds to handle these necessities placed a huge burden on my shoulders.
As a senior in high school, I often ponder on the many expenses I would have to endure when I headed out of my parents house and into the college world. Despite the few scholarships I did receive from my school, I fell short a couple thousand dollars. Fortunately and by the blessing of God, I was introduced to the Kid’s Dreams Foundation. Sitting in a small room with four other individuals asking questions about the instabilities in my life, I didn’t expect to get a generous response a couple weeks after. I became the first candidate to Kid’s Dreams Foundation.
Even though I was blessed to receive monetary assistance, the greatest gift I received was the lifetime of mentorship. My contact with the board members made me feel like I had a family to talk to when I had questions about life. Whether it was a tip about moving out of the state or which law school I should look into attending, I always had someone to answer my questions.
Becoming part of this foundation is prestigious because I am part of a group who caters to the future of young adults. Assisting those who wish to flourish their talents. Preparing leaders of tomorrow. The gifts I’ve received from the organization exceed the monetary assistance. It’s a wholesome gratification of love and support. Conclusively, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and become part of a family whose focus in this world includes but not limited to leadership, education, and growth in young adults. Without Kids Dream Foundation, a lot of the skills I’ve sharpened would not have flourished the same. Thank you.”